how to say “film director” in Hebrew

בַּמַּאי קוֹלְנוֹעַ

The word for a director who orchestrates the production of a play or a movie is במאי for a male and במאית for a female. They derive from the word במה , which once referred to the platform on which people would perform religious rituals including sacrifice (containing a מזבח – an altar), but today it refers to a stage.

קולנוע , a 20th-century Hebrew word referring to film or movie, combines two ancient Hebrew words: קול meaning sound or voice, and נוע meaning movement – a movie is a moving picture, also a moving sound.

So a film director is במאי קולנוע or במאית קולנוע .

For example:

כשהייתי ילד, רציתי להיות במאי קולנוע.

When I was a boy, I wanted to be a movie director.

בימאי and בימאית are broader terms referring to a director of any production, including television.

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