how do you say “fourteen years old” in Hebrew?

בֶּן/בַּת אַרְבַּע עֶשְׂרֵה

In English, if you want to tell someone your age, you might say I’m twenty five. But if you say אני עשרים וחמש in Hebrew, you’ll sound awkward and your non-native status will be picked up immediately.

Hebrew’s way of expressing age is to say son בן – or daughterבת – of that number of years.

For example:

היא בת ארבע עשרה.

She’s fourteen.


הוא בן חמש עשרה.

He’s fifteen.

The same is true when speaking of animals and objects.

For example:

העץ הזה בן אלפיים שנה.

This tree is two thousand years old.

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