how to say “go this way” in Hebrew

לֵךְ מִפֹּה

Make sure to read this post carefully and listen to the audio, because using לך מפה in the wrong context can get you in trouble.

When giving someone directions, you might want to tell them to go via one route instead of another. To say that, point and use מפה – literally, from here.

For example:

אל תלך דרך הסמטה, לך מפה.

Don’t go via that alley, go this way. (to a male)

You could also use:

אפשר ללכת מפה.

You can (it’s possible to) go this way.

מפה means literally, from here. In the wrong context and using the wrong tone of voice (make sure you listen to the audio of this post), לך מפה could mean go away (from here!). So don’t scare people away – if that’s not your intention.

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