how to say “to join” in Hebrew


Tal, a teenager, is going hiking with a few friends. He calls up his younger cousin Shimon and says:

אתה רוצה להצטרף אלינו?

Do you want to join us?

The word להצטרף – to join – is a reflexive verb of the root צ.ר.פ meaning to meld together, to refine, originally (in Biblical times) referring to the refinement of silver and other metals. Modern Hebrew applies this melting pot concept to joining anything together, including people.

The active-intensive form of the root is לצרף – to join or to attach, as in:

אני מצרף את הקובץ.

I’m attaching the file.

Likewise, a passive-intensive version of this sentence is:

הקובץ מצורף.

The file is attached.

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