how to say “long like the exile” in Hebrew

כּאֹרֶךְ הַגָּלוּת

Some Hebrew expressions are direct translations from other tongues, but this one is uniquely Jewish and Israeli.

To say that something (a bank statement, for example) is very long and tiring, Israelis might say ארוך כאורך הגלות – literally, long like the length of the exile. Since the exile of the Jews from the Land of Israel was 2000 years long, כאורך הגלות is quite a powerful statement.

The expression in context:

המסמך הזה הוא ארוך כאורך הגלות!

This document is long like the (length of the) exile!

The expression broken down:

אורך – length

כאורך – like the length of

הגלות – the exile

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