how to say “to make a movie” in Hebrew

Note: Monday’s dose had a typo: מעטמי ביטחון – for security reasons – should read מטעמי ביטחון .

לְהָפִיק סֶרֶט

Those versed in Talmud will surely recognize the Hebrew root פ.ו.ק meaning come out, so that in the causative הפעיל verb form, להפיק means to bring out or to produce (in the Talmud’s Aramaic the root is actually נ.פ.ק ).

להפיק today generally refers to producing a movie, TV show or event, while לייצר refers to producing in the sense of manufacturing.

For example:

היא מפיקה סרטים בהוליווד.

She produces movies in Hollywood.

Likewise, a production is a הפקה .

For example:

כל ההפקות שלה מוצלחות ביותר.

All of her productions are most successful.

The word for movie or film, סרט , also refers to ribbon, its original meaning as well as what goes on the movie reel.

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