how to say “physically speaking” in Hebrew

מִבְּחִינָה פִיזִית

Some words in Hebrew are really easy to learn because they’re basically English. One of those words is פיזיקה – physics. Likewise, פיזי is physical.

To turn an adjective into an adverb, English usually tacks on the -ly ending, but Hebrew has several options. In the case of physically, the most common expression is מבחינה פיזית – literally, from a physical perspective or from a physical aspect.

For example:

זאת לא עבודה קשה מבחינה פיזית.

It’s is not hard work physically speaking.

The word מבחינה – from a perspective/aspect – also appears in the expression for mentally, so that the worker above might continue:

אבל מבחינה נפשית זאת כן עבודה קשה.

But mentally (from a mental perspective) it is hard work.

After having studied literature and linguistics on the bachelors level and psychology on the masters, Ami decided to draw upon his hobby of learning languages, his understanding of human thought processes and his skill of explaining complex ideas in simple terms, to found a program that enables people to speak Hebrew with confidence.

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