how to say “to pronounce” in Hebrew

לְבַטֵּא, לַהֲגוֹת

Hebrew has two words for to pronouce.

לבטא , a פיעל verb, means literally to give expression and is sometimes also used to mean to pronounce, as in:

איך מבטאים את המילה הזאת?

How do you pronounce this word?

The other word, the פעל verb להגות , means literally to utter (also to think). It is the more precise term for to pronounce, used by language specialists.

For example:

לא תמיד ברור איך צריך להגות מילה עברית כתובה.

It’s not always clear how one should pronounce a written Hebrew word.

The noun version of להגות is הגייה – pronunciation, while the noun version of לבטא is ביטוי – expression.

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