How to say “quiet” in Hebrew

שֶׁקֶט, שָׁקֵט

quiet - שקט

If you went to Jewish school in the States, you may know the patient exhortation of Hebrew teachers, in sing-song form: שקט, בבקשה quiet, please!

Or from the less patient teachers (or the more demanding students), simply: !שקט quiet!

In any case, שקט means quiet when referring to the thing “quiet”, the noun.

For example:

יפה לנפש להקשיב לשקט.

It’s good (nice) for the soul to listen to the quiet.

There’s also quiet in description form, the adjective. The Hebrew word for it is spelled the same way, but sounds different: שָׁקֵט .

For example:

הוא ילד שקט.

He’s a quiet boy.

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