how to say “to rescue” in Hebrew


You may know the Hebrew word for lifeguardמציל for a male and מצילה for a female. Literally, these mean no less than savior.

They derive from the active-causative הפעיל verb להציל to rescue. The root of להציל is נ.צ.ל meaning deliverance.

For example:

הצלתם אותי, אחרת הייתי מת פה.

You guys rescued me, otherwise I (a male) would be dead here.

להציל shares a root with the active-intensive פיעל verb לנצל – in Modern Hebrew, to take advantage of. In Biblical Hebrew, לנצל means to plunder – or to “rescue” someone else’s belongings by making them one’s own.

Likewise, ניצול is a (male) survivor (ניצולה for a female). This word derives from the נפעל verb להינצל – to be saved. A Holocaust survivor is either a ניצול שואה or a ניצולת שואה .

YDDH taking Passover off

This is going to be the last Dose of Hebrew until after פסח Passover.

חג שמח!


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