How to say “seriously” in Hebrew

לָקַחַת בִּרְצִינוּת

The Hebrew word for serious is רציני for a male or a masculine object, and רצינית for a female or a feminine object. I’m not sure of its etymology. There is a biblical figure named רצין Retzin, the king of Aram, but there’s no indication of how serious he was. רציני may have something to do with the root ר.צ.ה want or desire – but I haven’t found concrete evidence to support this. If the two are related, perhaps the connection between them is intention – being serious about wanting something.

So if רציני is serious, רצינות is seriousness.

Seriously? That’s ברצינות – literally, with seriousness. And to take seriously is just like the English: לקחת ברצינות .

For example:

עם הכובע הזה לא ייקחו אותך ברצינות.

With that hat they won’t take you (a male) seriously.

לקחת is a simple פעל verb.

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