how to say “solution to a problem” in Hebrew


If you’ve spent even a little time in Israel, you probably know the expression אין בעיה – no problem!

While בעיה means problem, פתרון (pronounced correctly as means פִּתְרון and almost unanimously as פִּתָּרון ) means solution.

For example:

לאכילת היתר של ראש השנה יש פתרון מצויין – יום כיפור.

For the overeating of Rosh Hashanah there is an excellent solution – Yom Kippur.

פתרון in Biblical Hebrew means interpretation – also a form of problem solving.

Have a good and sweet yearשנה טובה ומתוקה! 

Ami and the team at Ulpan La-Inyan

After having studied literature and linguistics on the bachelors level and psychology on the masters, Ami decided to draw upon his hobby of learning languages, his understanding of human thought processes and his skill of explaining complex ideas in simple terms, to found a program that enables people to speak Hebrew with confidence.


  • . . . . and to you, too, Ami! שנה טובה ומתוקה!
    . . . and to you, too, Ami: שנה טובה ומתוקה!

    Suda Reply
  • Greetings Ami! I would really appreciate to know how would one spell prosperity. I’m finding a lot of different answers online, with a mix of prosperous and prosperity.

    Jesus hern Reply

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