How to say “to throw away” in Hebrew

לִזְרֹק, לְהַשְׁלִיךְ

to throw away - לזרוק להשליך

You may know the Hebrew word for to throwלזרוק , a פעל verb.

For example:

זרוק את הכדור!

Throw the ball! (to a male)

But perhaps you didn’t know that לזרוק also means to toss into the garbage, for example:

הגיע הזמן לעשות סדר ולזרוק פה כמה דברים.

It’s about time to make some order and throw away a few things here.

Another more formal word for to throw away is להשליך – literally, to cast. In noun form, להשליך becomes השלכה – casting (also consequence and projection in the psychological sense).

For example, you might see this printed on a sign on an Israeli bus:

השלכת פסולת מרכב זה אסורה.

Throwing away garbage from this vehicle is forbidden.

להשליך is a הפעיל verb.

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