How to say “it’s about time” in Hebrew

הִגִּיעַ הַזְּמַן

To ask someone what time it is in Hebrew, you’d say ?מה השעה . This means literally, what is the hour?

The Hebrew word for time itself, though, is זמן . And to say, it’s about time, you’d say the time has arrivedהגיע הזמן.

For example:

הגיע הזמן שתתחילו לקחת את הקורס הזה ברצינות.

It’s time that you guys start taking this course seriously.

Notice the order of the words in הגיע הזמן – it’s literally arrived has the time. That’s the case with many expressions in Hebrew, where the verb comes before the noun.

הגיע is a הפעיל verb.

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