Until recently, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption has subsidized public ulpans, where students sit in a class of 25 or more people who speak a multitude of languages.

The Ministry is now extending its funding to private institutions as well, so that new immigrants may study at the ulpan of their choice, under the following conditions:

  1. participants must be 17 years of age or more
  2. participants must have made aliyah in the last 18 months and possess a Teudat Oleh (certificate of immigration), which must be used within two months of issue
  3. participants must have either completed or not yet taken another government-funded ulpan
  4. groups of 4-6 people only
  5. participants must pay tuition of 7500 ILS (about $1970 or 1850) to Ulpan La-Inyan in advance, in up to three installments. Following presentation of an Ulpan La-Inyan issued receipt to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, students will receive a full reimbursement.

How does the reimbursement work?

  • 40% of the money paid upfront will be reimbursed approximately 1-3 months after presentation of the Ulpan La-Inyan issued receipt to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.
  • 30% will be reimbursed after the halfway point of the course, following presentation of student attendance records to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.
  • 30% will be refunded after the completion of the course and the final exam.
  • Students may cancel their registration up to one week before the course begins.
  • Students must attend at least 80% of the lessons. The full program reimbursement will be paid only to those who participated in the entire program or at least 80% of it.
  • At the end of the program, students must take a final exam administered by the Ministry of Integration to receive their full reimbursement. However, students need not pass the exam to receive the reimbursement.
  • Should students leave the country during the course, their reimbursement schedule becomes frozen until they return and notify the Ministry of Integration of their return.