Study HebrewThe first question should be, Why should I study Hebrew?

Hebrew is a modern language with an ancient heritage. Revived by Jews as medium of communication over a century ago, Modern Hebrew is a vibrant language that fits in well with the contemporary world. Learning Hebrew is easier than ever today. Modern schools such as an Ulpan La-Inyan provide students with the ability to immerse themselves in all facets of Hebrew from reading to writing to speaking it correctly. Learning Hebrew has many advantages. Studying Hebrew helps teach students a new way of seeing and thinking about the world. Learning Hebrew also makes it easier to get around and interact with locals when visiting Israel. last reason, Many ancient religious texts are written in Hebrew so it’s possible to read the Bible as it was first written without any translations.


Practical Helpstudy hebrew


The Hebrew language consists of an aleph-bet or alphabet just like English. However, Hebrew letters bear little resemblance to their English counterparts. Written Hebrew has two forms. An informal script is used for writing everyday, while a more formal script is used in printed matter. Anyone who wants to learn Hebrew quickly should do so with the assistance of skilled native speakers. A skilled native teacher can help any student quickly absorb the basics of the language and then learn its nuances. Native speakers can also help students gain confidence as they read, write and speak knowing they are doing so correctly from the very start. Fortunately, there are many good way to learn Hebrew both in Israel and abroad.


An Ulpan

study hebrewMany methods have been developed over the past to help teach students a foreign language. In Israel, a school known as an ulpan has long been an essential part of learning Hebrew. Ulpans are places where students head in order to completely immerse themselves in all aspects of Hebrew. Learning in a school of this kind can be exciting and fun. When students are on campus, they are surrounded by other students who also have the same goal of learning fluent Hebrew. Each student is given the opportunity to study Hebrew at their own pace and master it as they go along. Each student is also given the opportunity to get in lots of practice and explore both the fundamentals and more advanced Hebrew skills at the same time.


Private Lessons

study hebrewAnother alternative way to study Hebrew is with private lessons. Private lessons allow the student to work one on one with someone dedicated to helping them acquire fluency in Hebrew. At our company, we offer private lessons for any student who feels the need to have more intense lessons based on their own personal strengths and weaknesses. With our help, each private student is given the chance to learn Hebrew or improve any Hebrew they already know or study the basics in a more intensive way, in a private lesson.
This is an excellent alternative for those who find it difficult to sit in class.


Group Courses

study hebrew

Group courses can also be the right way to go. Group courses at our school help people by providing them with the opportunity to speak with teachers and with others who are also learning. A series of group courses help students focus on Hebrew on a specific schedule.




Learning Online

study hebrew

Modern learning methods now allow for the opportunity to learn both in-person and online as well. Learning Hebrew online has many advantages. Learners can communicate with instructors directly even when they are not in the room. Instructors can check their student’s work directly. Online lessons also allow students to schedule lessons when it is convenient for them.

Students talk about Ulpan la-Inyan

“This course was very different from other Ulpan courses I have taken and I loved the method that Ulpan La-Inyan follows. I learned a lot and had so many opportunities to practice my conversational Hebrew skills.”

“The methodology for teaching Hebrew is an excellent system compared to other ulpans I have attended”

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