Our Teachers - Ulpan La-Inyan

Our Teachers

Mia Kraier

Teacher, Tel Aviv

Mia is from Tel Aviv originally. She loves teaching because...

Morielle Yanay

Teacher, Herzliya

Originally from Herzliya, Morielle studied linguistics in film...

Michal Livne

Teacher, Tel Aviv

"learning a new language is magical, and being the one teaching it...

Maya Ronen

Teacher, Tel Aviv

About her work at Ulpan La-Inyan, Maya says, "it's the best job ever...

Moti Sarig

Teacher, Jerusalem

A student at heart, Moti Sarig brings a love of music and learning...

Miriam Shalit

Teacher, Jerusalem

Miriam was born in South Africa, but made aliya when...

Mor Hardy

Teacher, Haifa

Mor loves helping people achieve their goals. She studied special education...

Michal Kroizer

Teacher, Jerusalem

Michal is originally from Jerusalem but spent a year doing Sherut Leumi...

Moshe Ben Yosef

Teacher, Jerusalem

Moshe was born in Jerusalem, but grew up in Southern California...

Moshe Meital

Teacher, Jerusalem

Moshe (Marvin) has lived in Israel for over 40 years, having immigrated...

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