Idit Marcus

Idit is an Educator-teacher, Dancer and more. She was born and raised in the south of Israel but has been Bi-Lingual ince the age of 4 when the family first went to live a year in the U.S. She has lived in the States several more times throughout the past 30 years.

Idit has always loved to give back, help others, keep learning and interact with other people so teaching seemed a natural thing for her to pursue. She has a B.A. from Ben-Gurion Uni., Be’er-Sheva, in Education, Arts and Folklore and a Teacher’s License from KEY Collage of Education in Special Education. When Idit is not teaching Hebrew she is busy teaching other things (such as dance, basic learning skills, Art&Crafts and more), dancing, reading, writing, creating, enjoying her many fury charges, interacting with more people and getting to know more about the world around her.