Hebrew For Children

Kids Learn Hebrew Online

With Ulpan La-Inyan, your child will learn to take part in conversations that reflect the daily life of a child growing up in Israel – at the park, in the classroom, visiting with family and playing games with other kids.

Ulpan for Children: Hebrew Ulpan for Kids

Watch your child’s confidence in Hebrew grow, as our tutors guide them through real-life conversational scenarios, and teach them to read and write using visual presentations that will capture their attention.


Ulpan La-Inyan?

איור של לוח שנה

Optimal Schedule

Your child will meet their teacher for up to an hour each lesson, at least twice a week for best results.

איור של כוס קפה


Our lessons drive Hebrew into the long-term memory by engaging the senses of hearing, seeing… and the imagination.

איור של כובע אקדמיה

Great Teachers

We choose from among our staff of experienced teachers those who love working with kids.

איור של 3 תלמידים

Core Vocabulary

Our curriculum is built on the most important vocabulary your child needs to thrive in Israel.