ulpan in israel Learning Hebrew is very important for any Jew who wants a deeper understanding of Jewish history and culture. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages in the world and is the language in which the Torah was written. However, as Jews settled in many different countries, they adopted the local language and Hebrew remained the language used for prayers in the synagogue. As Jews returned to the Land of Israel, they needed to learn Modern Hebrew. The State of Israel set up Ulpan in Israel classes for new immigrants from around the world to make it easier for them to learn Hebrew, communicate with other immigrants and veteran Israelis, and made the absorption process easier.

There are many different methods of learning the language. In the past, teachers taught Hebrew in Hebrew, which was challenging for immigrants who knew only their native languages. For example, students from France and Spain were required to study Hebrew together; because of the language barriers, it was generally very difficult for them to carry conversations. Many students failed to acquire a working knowledge of Hebrew, and it was obvious that something had to be done.

The Problems

ulpan in israel It is difficult to learn any language, including Hebrew, on your own. In the Ulpan program, the emphasis was originally on learning grammar and syntax, which was a daunting task for new immigrants. The classes were too large, and the instructors were unable to offer the personal attention that many students needed. As a result, a new and more effective approach was required. The new Ulpan program was initiated to help solve these problems. The Ministry of Education provides a detailed program of 500 hours of intensive study for those who want to learn Hebrew.

Ami, the founder of Ulpan La-Inyan, was motivated to start his own school that focused on providing individual attention to the students. To fulfill his dream of providing a friendly method for learning Hebrew, he approached the Ministry of Education for funding and support. One of the biggest hurdles that many students face when learning a new language is that they are unable to speak properly. They may hesitate due to a lack of confidence, and often have to think about which words to use. To remedy this problem, Ami focuses on making sure that students are allowed to speak in their native languages, and when they feel it’s the right time they start speaking in Hebrew. using this way   helps bolster their confidence and ensures that they feel comfortable and relaxed in class.

Ulpan La-Inyan has small classes in which the instructors provide personal attention to every student. The program is based on teaching practical Hebrew, and the students participate in conversations and learn dialogues based on every-day activities. The students are allowed to speak in their native languages when necessary, which helps bolster their confidence. The students can use the class dialogues to converse on a day-to-day basis.

These private Ulpan programs teach practical Hebrew to help strengthen their students’ self-confidence and speak naturally in any situation after they complete their studies.

About the Ulpan in Israel

ulpan in israel The students in the Ulpan program are assigned to different grades or levels, dependent on their understanding and fluency in Hebrew. Students are encouraged to make friends with those in different levels to foster their learning experience. By enlarging their circle of friends, students gain a better grasp of the language and meet new people from many countries.