With over a decade of experience serving thousands of students, Ulpan La-Inyan is listed among a select few private Hebrew schools that provide 100% government-reimbursed courses.

Eligible students

  • have made Aliyah in the last 10 years (benefit extended!)
  • are age 17 and up
  • have either completed public ulpan or have never started it.

Why Ulpan La-Inyan?

  • 6 levels available. Test your level here. 
  • Classes of only 4-6 students.
  • Convenient scheduling – morning, afternoon and evening classes available. About 2 hours per lesson.
  • Our interactive method focuses on conversation and day-to-day usage of the language, enabling students to speak Hebrew with confidence.
  • We currently offer courses in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and online.

Disclaimer: The criteria for this benefit were set by the Israeli government. Ulpan La-Inyan has no say in eligibility,  number of hours rendered per group size, or payment/reimbursement procedure.

Get Started

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